Custom Bobble Heads As Unique Birthday Gifts

Over the past few years, we've had many clients share with us how their friends couldn't help laughing when they received their custom bobble heads, and then aggressively showed them off to everyone in the room and said: these were their favorite birthday gifts had ever gotten!

Every birthday means that we grow up, especially 18, 30, 40 and etc., which are important milestones in our lives, for our family and friends, too.  Birthday parties are an expected surprise for people who are about to celebrate their birthdays, and they may be more excited about what they will receive.  But it can be challenging for us to choose the right gifts, especially for those who have everything.

We investigated the popular birthday gifts on the Internet, most of which are customized cups, clothes, jewelry, etc., and some are daily necessities, such as microwave ovens, toolboxes, etc.  However, birthdays are celebrated every year, and we can't give similar gifts every time, otherwise, it would seem insincere. 

"Gifts with a story or 'reason' behind them will always be the most memorable.  Whenever possible, make your gift reflect what you know about her. What does she like?  Is she a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?  What are her interests?"  "Jennings said.  So before you try to place your first bobblehead order, make sure you know what the birthday girl likes.


How to get your first personalized bobblehead?

Dolls were popular in various sports events at the beginning, such as baseball, American football, rugby, etc. Many sports stars have their bobble head and mass-produce them as gifts for fans. With the popularity of customization,  it's easy for us to get mini figurines.

Here are some specific steps to order:

①Find a reliable online manufacture

First of all, you can search for the keywords of the product on Google, and then you will find many manufacturers to choose from. The price of a single product of these manufacturers is between 70-90 dollars, and then you need to check whether there are real customer reviews on the website if so, you need to check these reviews to see the manufacturer's products and services. Once you've settled on a site, be sure to check third-party reviews on google.

Some of our customers reported to us that they had placed orders on other websites. The comments on the websites were quite positive. However, when they received the goods, they found that the similarity was very low and some even received the wrong goods. When they checked google again, they found that many customers had already given the site bad reviews on third-party sites. So if you haven't found a maker yet, why not make Figure Bobblehead a priority? The 400+ custom bobblehead reviews on our website are our confidence.


②Choose the type of figurine you want

As we said before, you need to know the person's hobbies before you choose the right type of doll. For example, if she likes sports, you can choose the corresponding model in our sports category. If she likes music, you can choose the category of music. Of course, if she doesn't have a particular hobby, we also have birthday-themed categories to choose from. In addition to hobbies, you can also choose according to their occupation, such as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, and so on.

③Upload front photo of the person

The facial-front photo uploaded here is used to create the face of the figure, including the character's expression, hair, etc. If you don’t have a suitable one on your phone, it might be a good idea to search their Instagram and pins accounts, as many of our clients do, after all, you don't want to reveal the surprise gift in advance! It should be noted that once the photo is confirmed, it cannot be changed in the post-production process, so please try to choose a picture with good quality and natural expression.

④Follow up orders

After receiving your order, the production team will begin carving. The specific engraving time depends on your options in the order. We usually send you the face sample within 10-15 working days. If you need to hurry up, we can also send you the face sample within 4 working days. One thing to note here is that some websites may not send face samples for you to confirm, so you need to know in advance when ordering. After receiving the face sample, all you need to do is to propose your modification suggestions, after all, our master only sculpts through photos, and you may be more familiar with the recipient of the gift. For example, if you think the eyebrows need to be thicker and the nose needs to be straighter, you can feedback to us. Our masters will modify them according to your opinions until you are satisfied.


When you complete the above steps, you can wait to receive a unique birthday gift. When you give someone a custom bobblehead as a birthday gift, you are giving them something that is one-of-a-kind. Each doll is made to look like the person it represents, which means that no two bobbleheads are the same. This uniqueness adds to the value of the gift, and the recipient will appreciate the effort you put into creating something that is tailored specifically to them. 

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