Why Choose Us

Highest Similarity Of Customized Bobbleheads

Our production team comprises artists with more than 10 years of carving experience. Their skilled craftsmanship can guarantee more than 95% similarity of the face sample. The high praise of the bobblehead similarity in customer reviews is the best proof! In addition, we have set the highest audit standards and ensured that the face sample was strictly audited internally before sending it to you. All you need to do is approve or adjust the details!

Free Proof Until You Are Satisfied

After you place your order, we will email you a facial proof for your approval. You will get unlimited free revisions, which means if you are not satisfied, we will revise it precisely as you have suggested until you are 100% satisfied and send you a revised proof again.

Environmentally Friendly and Non-toxic Raw Materials

We use polymer clay instead of resin as raw materials to make your custom dolls. After testing, the composition of polymer clay is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The finished bobblehead dolls made of polymer clay are brighter in colour, have a better texture than resin, and can be preserved longer.

Intimate and Professional Customer Service

We do not require you to register on our website. After receiving your order, our customer service team will process it via email or SMS. While customizing the bobblehead, we will do our best to meet your needs, ensure that you are informed of the progress of the doll production at any time, and record your feedback to make a bobblehead that satisfies you!

Free Small Add-ons and Add Base Text

We add small accessories for free, such as baseball caps, tattoos, logos, glasses, earrings, and other accessories. In addition, we also provide free clothing color changes and base-free text. (Other companies require additional charges.)

Money Back Guarantee

Our excellent carving masters and service team can guarantee more than 95% customer satisfaction. We also support the "No Questions Money Back Guarantee." Before shipping, if you are not satisfied with the doll we made, we can cancel your order and refund you immediately. To avoid the risk of scams, frivolous and other not serious orders, we only charge a cancellation fee of 30% of the order amount.

Bulk Orders At Great Prices

We give you great prices for bulk bobblehead orders based on the quantity you order. Unlike other companies, each of our dolls is handmade, even for bulk orders, which makes more sense! Send us the relevant order information on the bulk order page or email us directly, and we will send you the most competitive price!