Refund Policy

Refunds Before Shipping

Figure Bobblehead offers a "No questions asked“  money back guarantee that is valid during the creation process of your custom figurine. This means that you can cancel your order anytime pre-shipping. In order to avoid non-serious orders, a cancellation fee of 30% will be deducted from the payment you made when ordering.  This refund policy does not apply for bulk orders. In case you order more than one custom doll, the prototype (first sample) will be treated in accordance with our "No questions asked" money back guarantee, however, after the approval of the prototype by the customer, no more refunds are possible for the complete bulk order.


Refunds After Shipping 

Since our products are all customized according to customer requirements and cannot be re-sold, we do not accept returns and refunds after shipment.

However, while we accept cancellations before shipping (for single orders - not bulk orders) we are unable to accept such cancellations after you have received the custom-made doll. Figure Bobblehead has complimentary proofing available for most sculpting options, thus, your satisfaction is guaranteed during the proofing process.

It should be noted that if the delivery of the goods fails due to the customer's own reasons, such as the customer providing the wrong delivery address or changing the delivery address in the middle, we will not refund.

 Damages During Shipping

* Our bobblehead dolls are very well-packed, and damages during shipping rarely occur.

However, if this unlikely event happens to you, please contact us within 48 hours, and file a report with this person in case of any damage and please provide Figure Bobblehead with the order number and photos of the damaged dolls.

Please contact us to, our customer service staff will be happy to help for you.

If you didn't provide the above information within 48 hours after the logistics track shows the receipt, we will not be processed.

The following is the specific damage situation treatment solutions:


Product Dissimilar

* Due to the bobblehead is completely handmade custom product, we can't guarantee 100% similarity to the image you provide.

Within 7 working days of completing your order, we will send an email confirming the proof of the face of the bobblehead. (only the face).

Please reply within 24 hours to approve or disapprove. During this period, we will follow your request to modify the proof, until you confirm to approve.

If you didn't reply within 24 hours, we will default that you have approve the proof and shipped.

 1: The proof has approved: That means to you approved with the proof and will not modify to it.

 2: The proof approved by default: That means to we default that you accepted the original proof.

 * In the above circumstances, if you receiving the bobblehead and complain dissimilar, we will not provide redo and refund services.

Wrong Product From Warehouse

* Due to the negligence of the warehouse staff, you have received the bobblehead of other’s orders.

Please contact us to within 48 hours and attach the pictures and information of the bobblehead, our customer service staff will be happy to help for you.

You can choose one of the following solutions:

 1: Return and redo: We will provide to you with our return address and bear the return shipping costs. And we will remake your order.

 2: Return and refund: We will provide you with our return address and bear the return shipping cost. After you send the package, we will refund 100% to you.


Bobblehead Changes

As the bobblehead is custom product from handmade, once the bobblehead put into production, no modification can be made.

If you have a modification request, please contact us within 48 hours after placing your order. Over 48 hours of modification request, we will charge the following fees:


* Note: Due to the bobblehead is completely handmade custom product, once the bobblehead is produced, we will not be able to be sold for the second time, so except receiving the wrong bobblehead, we can't accept returns for other reasons.