Custom Bobbleheads As Marketing Tool

A few days ago, we received a consultation email from a customer. In the email, the customer said that he wanted to order a batch of custom bobble head dolls for their senior VIP customers as a gift to express their support for their brand. After detailed communication, we started to make dolls according to the detailed information provided by customers.

Apart from being a personal gift, did you realize that custom dolls are also a unique marketing tool? These delightful bobbleheads have the potential to create memorable, personalized experiences for customers while increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

The Charm Of Custom Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have been one of the most popular toys since the mid-19th century, which is why some people use them for different purposes. Especially in recent years, due to the popularity of customized gifts, more and more people have begun to turn their attention to dolls that can be customized. Some of these people are well-known local politicians, entrepreneurs, and speakers, and they hope to increase their popularity through custom dolls because it is an easy way to open a conversation and reach others.

Reward Customer Loyalty

Improving customer loyalty to a brand is one of the most important purposes of brand marketing, after all, customer loyalty is the backbone of any successful business. Instead of spending a lot of budget on advertising, it is better to launch bobblehead dolls for existing customers. You can start by developing criteria for VIP customers within your organization, such as the number or amount of purchases made by customers. Once you've identified your VIP customers, you can offer customized bobbleheads as a unique reward for your loyal customers to thank them for their continued patronage. While other companies still thank customers by giving ordinary gifts such as pens, keys, etc., your personalized bobblehead can provide customers with a more unique customer experience.  At the same time, these fun dolls are sure to be appreciated and shared by customers, even placed in a prominent position that often attracts attention. The spontaneous sharing behavior of customers after receiving gifts can help you attract other potential customers while stimulating their spending power.


When designing a bobblehead, it is advisable to combine the doll with your brand's history. For example, a luxury jewelry company can design dolls with classic clothing and bags for top VIP customers, and then add the company's logo on the dolls. Different themed collections can be launched throughout the year, thus encouraging customers to keep coming back and collecting more personalized dolls.

Create Unique Connections With Customers

Whether it is a traditional enterprise or a new media company, maintaining old customers or key customers is one of the important goals of the company. Especially for major holidays like Christmas, by making bobbleheads that resemble real customers or incorporate elements of their hobbies, interests, or careers, you can show that the company is paying attention to its key customers.

For example, a fitness apparel brand can make bobblehead dolls for key customers who are engaged in fitness coaching careers, such as basketball coaches, football coaches, yoga instructors, etc. Dress bobbleheads in your branded clothes while designing the bobblehead for their type of sport. This personalized approach not only builds a strong bond but also encourages customers to share their bobblehead experience on social media platforms.


Interesting Way of Marketing

Trade shows, product launches, and corporate events are great opportunities to attract potential customers and leave a lasting impression. Traditional marketing materials, such as brochures and flyers, can be left in a corner and unnoticed by customers. If you have a unique bobble head with your portrait or company logo on your desk at this time, it will generate interest in your brand. This cutting-edge marketing tool allows you to easily outperform your competitors.

Increase Brand Awareness

Fun and unique bobblehead dolls are highly shareable. If your brand is just getting started and doesn’t have a huge following, why not run a sweepstakes? You can post a story about your brand or product concept on social media, and then encourage everyone to share it on their social media, and then randomly draw 10 lucky fans who have already forwarded the post to get their own custom doll and product. This is an extremely low-cost marketing campaign that can help you achieve good results. When fans receive their dolls and proudly display their customized bobbleheads on desks, car dashboards, and even in their homes, they become inadvertent brand ambassadors, sparking curiosity and interest in anyone who sees them.

In a competitive business environment, standing out is critical to success. Custom bobbleheads offer a special and engaging way to do just that. By providing a personalized and memorable experience, your business or brand can establish a stronger connection with customers at a very low cost. While increasing brand awareness, customers also receive gifts that satisfy them. So get ready to nod your head in agreement when your business takes a giant leap with this fun and innovative marketing strategy.

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