Custom Groomsmen Bobbleheads Gifts For Your Best Friends

Custom Groomsmen Bobbleheads Gifts For Your Best Friends

"My best friends laughed and hugged me when they received their miniature custom groomsmen bobbleheads, and they said they would display them on their bookshelves and treasure them forever."--One of our customers said.

A few days ago, I saw a warm video on TikTok. In the video, the bride in the wedding dress used adapted lyrics to thank the groomsmen and bridesmaids who put a lot of time and energy into their wedding. It has to be said that this is a very novel and heartfelt way to express gratitude to the guests present.

Indeed, apart from your family, the groomsmen may be the ones who pay the most for your wedding. From the pre-wedding preparations to the selection of suits to the adjustment of the atmosphere on the wedding day, your groomsmen try their best to make your wedding go perfectly. So don't forget to pick out a gift for your groomsmen to show appreciation for their support on your special day.

When to Give Groomsmen Gifts

In general, rehearsal dinners are an excellent time to give groomsmen gifts. You can have plenty of time to chat individually with each groomsman and then sincerely thank them for being there for your wedding. The important thing at this time is not what gift you give, but to make them feel how important they are to you.

If you are worried about neglecting your groomsmen due to too much to-do list at the rehearsal dinner, you can also give gifts to your groomsman at the crazy bachelor party before marriage, and let them witness your important moment from personal to married.

What to Get for Groomsmen Gifts?

Traditional groomsmen gifts like basic cufflinks, plain silk ties, square scarves, and drink glasses are surefire options, but people tend to prefer unique gifts.

If you want to choose a gift for your best man that is unique and representative of you, you need to prepare it in advance instead of buying it in the gift shop. After all, you don’t want your gift to end up gathering dust on the shelf. 

A founder who specializes in custom gift shops once said that there are two tips for choosing gifts, one is practicality and the other is personalization. Of course, it would be even better if you could combine the interests of each groomsman!

Here are some gift ideas that combine utility and interest:

①Send a bottle of high-quality whiskey, wine, or even craft beer to friends who like craft beer,
②Buy a set of golf equipment for friends who like to play golf,
③Buy a climbing stick for friends who like mountaineering,
④Buy a razor for friends who like to grow beards
⑤Buy a ticket for his favorite team for a friend who likes to watch football

groomsmen gifts

There are many similar gifts, depending on what your friends usually like. Choose something that suits your groomsmen's interests and it's sure to be a hit.

So how do you personalize your groomsmen gift? You can have their name engraved on gifts such as monogrammed cufflinks, a leather wallet or passport holder with a custom portrait, or even a personalized beer mug or shot glass. If you like to follow the trends and want to buy innovative gifts, I have to recommend you the custom groomsmen dolls that have been popular recently.

Why Get Custom Groomsmen Bobbleheads as Gifts?

The popularity of custom groomsmen dolls as gifts is that they are highly customizable, fun, and affordable.

You can customize the doll in advance according to the groomsman's suits on the wedding day. All you have to do is provide a frontal picture of the groomsman. After the master makes a face sample according to the photos you provide, you can make adjustments according to the characteristics of the best man you know.  This attention to detail shows the thoughtfulness the groom put into choosing a gift and makes it all the more special.

Second, a custom best man bobblehead is a fun and easy gift. They're sure to have the groomsmen and guests laughing out loud at the wedding, enthusing about the dolls' resemblance, and more. What's more important is that after the wedding, the groomsmen can take these dolls home and put them on the desk as souvenirs of your wedding.


After researching, these figures can be cheaper than traditional custom gifts and can be ordered in bulk, so you can try to get some extra discounts from the maker. You can easily find many manufacturers on the Internet. Of course, if you need recommendations, I definitely recommend our company - Figure Bobblehead. After all, we have made dolls for tens of thousands of customers and have received high praise from customers.

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