Customize Bobblehead Dolls For Your Mom As Mother's Day Gifts
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Customize Bobblehead Dolls For Your Mom As Mother's Day Gifts

As May 12th is approaching, more and more people have put picking out Mother's Day gifts on their agenda. But when you search for some gift guides, you will be overwhelmed by many ordinary gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, skin care products, etc. Moms accompany us as we grow with their love, so why not try giving her some surprising and unique gifts on Mother's Day? Custom bobblehead dolls give us a personalized and fun way to celebrate Mother's Day.

While communicating with customers, we learned that one of the most important reasons they order bobbleheads as gifts is to perfectly match various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc. These adorable mini figurines' striking likeness make them stand out in gifts repeatedly, and they are loved and praised by their recipients.

Reasons to choose a custom doll as a Mother's Day gift

Personalization: Personalized bobbleheads offer a level of personalization that no other gift can match. We can create a bubblehead with a high likeness of your mother from the pictures you provide and incorporate any elements you want to add. For example, you can create a doll based on your mom's interests. We provide different models for you, including soccer moms, office moms, teacher moms, golf moms, and more. In addition, we can also make bobbleheads based entirely on the photos you provide, including poses, clothing, accessories, facial expressions, etc. The gift of a doll carefully designed by you will surely be unique and meaningful. Your mother will surely appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness in making such a unique gift.

Memorial: We have met many customers who customized their products for their mothers and grandmothers. Please do not forget that our mother is also our grandmother's child. Unfortunately, as time goes by, many people's grandmothers pass away, and mothers must miss their mothers on Mother's Day. So why not customize a pair of mom and grandmother dolls? Let's take this opportunity to let our mothers be grandmother's children for a day on Mother's Day!

A keepsake that lasts forever: Unlike flowers or chocolates that fade or wear away over time, personalized bobbleheads serve as lasting keepsakes that your mom can proudly display in her home or office.

Steps to customize a bobblehead for Mother's Day

1: Choose a reputable bobblehead doll manufacturer
Start by researching and selecting a reputable bobblehead manufacturer with a record of producing high-quality, realistic figurines. Read customer reviews, check sample work, and ensure the manufacturer offers customization options that suit your preferences. There are currently 500+ positive custom bobblehead reviews from real customers on our website, and some customers have repeatedly purchased more than 20 dolls, so we are confident that we are your first choice when ordering dolls.

2: Choose the style of a bobblehead doll
We have Mother's Day-themed models featuring "super mom" on their bodies that you can check out first. Additionally, you can choose your favourite bobblehead style based on your mother's personality and hobbies. Options range from sports hobbies, and professional to casual fashion versions.

Mother's Day Gifts Super Mom Custom Figure Bobbleheads

Mother's Day Gifts Custom Chef Mom Bobbleheads

3: Provide reference photos
To ensure that the bobblehead accurately represents your mother, please provide at least one frontal image of her face. It would be better to provide clear reference photos from different angles. When selecting photos, please pay attention to the facial expressions in the photos, which cannot be changed during the production process. For example, we cannot change a smiley expression into a laughing expression.

4: Customized design
Choose more detailed custom information on the website, such as hair colour and style, eye colour, skin tone, and more. You can also add accessories or props that have special meaning to your mother, such as a custom book stand, sunglasses, crown, etc.

5: Review and approve proofs
We will generally email you a face sample 4-15 working days after you submit your order. Please review the proof carefully to ensure accuracy and satisfaction. Provide feedback and request any necessary adjustments before final approval for production.

6: Waiting for production and delivery
Once you approve the face sample, our artists will add hair to the doll and assemble the body. This process will vary depending on the complexity of the design and the manufacturer's workload and will take approximately 2-4 working days. You'll need to be patient and plan to ensure your bobblehead arrives in time for Mother's Day.

7: Give your mom your surprise gift
Give your mom a customized bobblehead with love and gratitude on Mother's Day. Take a moment to explain the thought and effort of creating such a personal and heartfelt gift. Seeing her likeness captured in a whimsical bobblehead will surely bring a smile to her face and warm her heart.

Imagine your mom's surprise on Mother's Day when she sees you pull a mini version of herself out of the box! She might laugh happily and eagerly show it off on social media. She will be thinking of you when she sees this adorable personalized bobblehead for years to come. Isn’t this what we mean by giving gifts?

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