How to celebrate National Doctors' Day?

When making wishes on their birthdays every year, many people pray for good health and safety for their families. None of us want to deal with hospitals. But when we went to the hospital because we felt unwell, we realized how lucky we were to meet a caring and responsible doctor. March 30 is National Doctors’ Day in the United States, a perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to the doctors and nurses who have helped us.

Points to note when expressing gratitude

When doctors and nurses help us recover from physical ailments, we naturally want to express our gratitude. Some people will sincerely express their thanks to the doctors with words, while others want to send some gifts to express their thanks. We would like to emphasize that when we give gifts to doctors, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1:Hospital rules and regulations

Generally speaking, hospitals believe that treating illnesses and saving lives is the essential job of doctors, and doctors are not allowed to accept gifts from patients, especially cash or expensive gifts. So if you are choosing a gift, you can choose some small gifts that emphasize sentimental value, such as gift cards, flowers, etc. This does not violate the hospital's regulations and also expresses your gratitude to the doctor.

2: Whether doctors like gifts from patients

Every doctor's personality is different. Some doctors are very strict and don't like patients giving gifts in private, as they would consider this to be disrespectful. Therefore, when we choose a way to express gratitude, we can learn about the doctor's personality from nurses or other patients in advance.

What doctors want is not gifts from patients, but their heartfelt gratitude and respect. Being a doctor is a great and hard-working profession, and they sometimes need to sacrifice their own time to treat patients, especially during crises such as epidemics or natural disasters. We have interviewed many doctors, and many of them said that what they most want to see is the smiling faces of patients and news of their recovery, which is an affirmation and recognition of their work. So in a way, the patient's recovery is the best gift. Of course, if they receive some small cards of thanks or a sincere message, they can feel the meaning of their profession and work harder.

Ways to Celebrate Doctors’ Day

Doctors are a special group with professional medical knowledge and selfless dedication, they play a key role in promoting health, preventing disease and treating disease. Whether as a patient, a medical organization, or a friend or family member of a doctor, Doctors Day is an opportunity to honor and thank the hard working doctors.

For medical institutions

On Doctors' Day, medical organizations may consider holding a special recognition event, such as an award ceremony, to reward doctors for special contributions. It is also possible to give all doctors and nurses special benefits on the day, such as free afternoon tea, snacks and meals. If the situation permits, it is possible to give the doctors a short vacation in turn, so that they can rest and enjoy life. These thoughtful gestures are a recognition of their hard work and dedication.

For patients

For doctors, a patient's recovery is the most rewarding thing. But for patients, doctors are the only people they can rely on and trust on the road to recovery, especially those who have been saved from death by doctors.

Here are some ways to express appreciation:

Handwritten note or card: Patients may consider writing a heartfelt thank-you note or card to express their appreciation for the doctor's help and support. A doctor once shared on Quroa that the best gift he ever received was a treasured box of handwritten thank-you notes from patients. "Every thank you note is a recognition of my work, and when I retire, this box of thank you notes will be the best recognition of my career as a doctor," he said.

Small gifts: While gifts are not necessary, a small gift such as a bouquet or a box of chocolates can be a thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation. A patient once ordered a custom doctor bobblehead as a gift for the doctor who saved his life. The doctor liked it so much that he placed it on his desk as a business card.


Sharing and referrals: If you had a positive experience with your doctor, consider giving the doctor a positive rating in the hospital's satisfaction survey. Also, consider recommending the doctor online on social media. Your sharing and referrals can help other patients find healthcare providers.

For the doctor's family or friends

As family members or friends of doctors, they may not spend much time with you, but this is due to the particularity of their profession, so please give doctors some understanding. Perhaps saying "Happy Doctor's Day" to doctors on this day is the biggest support for them!

Doctors are indispensable members of society, who work to promote health, alleviate suffering and save lives. They diagnose diseases, prescribe treatments, perform medical procedures, and provide preventive care to maintain and improve the health of patients. Their tireless efforts and commitment to patient care have a significant impact on individuals, families, and communities. So while we enjoy the services provided by doctors, don't forget to use our actions to express our gratitude and respect to doctors.

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