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One of our avid interior decorator's fans custom wedding bobbleheads cake topper for her sister at their wedding as a gift.  After the wedding, she also shared with us the photos she took at the scene and the feedback from customers.


As a manufacturer of custom bobbleheads, it is great to receive positive feedback from our customers and it is also a recognition of our hard work. Next, we will share how the above-mentioned customers ordered bobble head dolls on our website.

This customer found our website by searching for "personalized bobblehead" on Google and then contacted us by email instead of placing an order directly on the website.

In the email, she described in detail the purpose of ordering dolls and sent some pictures to ensure that we could meet her requirements. After receiving the email and checking the relevant information, we made it clear that we could make the bubbleheads according to her requirements and asked her the expected date of receiving the goods.

It should be mentioned here that our products are manually customized, and it takes at least 4-20 working days from the early confirmation to the later production and modification, which does not include the additional 5-15 working days of transportation time. So if you have a specific date of delivery, you can contact us in advance to see if you can receive the goods within the expected time!

After communication and confirmation, our master began to make products for her. After the face of the doll was finished, we sent the face sample to her by email, she suggested some changes to some micro-expressions of the face, after our master modified it, she approved the face, and then we continued the production of the order.

As we shared the making process above, customers now want to get a customized bobblehead doll is very simple. Of course, many people have asked if they can make their dolls through our guidance, and our reply is no! The reason for our rejection is very simple, first of all, our production masters have basic art skills, which allows them to master the proportion of the face of the doll, and secondly, they have more than ten years of production experience, which allows them to produce a 95% similarity of the bobblehead. Professional things for professional people to do, which is the embodiment of high efficiency.


Customers’ feedback is our motivation to do better in the future.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us with email:

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