Why Choose Us For Custom Bobbleheads?

People give gifts with the goal of creating a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the recipient, celebrating a special occasion they value, such as a birthday or wedding. More and more people are trying to break out of ordinary mass-produced gifts, and focus more on customized products, and custom bobble head stand out among many customized gifts.

Designing and ordering personalized bobbleheads has become easier as more websites offer customization services. By searching keywords, you can find many manufacturers of bobble head dolls on Google. If you click to check these websites one by one, you will be surprised to find that the designs and products of these websites are similar, so the problem you encounter is how to find a manufacturer that can provide high-quality and high-similarity products.

Figure Bobblehead is the leading brand of bobblehead makers, we have been committed to providing customers with high-quality mini bobblehead dolls. Many of our customers share and recommend us on social media when they receive the product, which is something we are very proud of! In the following article, we will introduce in detail why you choose us to customize dolls.


Adhere To Quality First

As a customized product, the primary criterion for judging the quality of dolls is similarity, which is also the most important factor that customers should consider when choosing a manufacturer.

When we shared a lot of videos of our masters making bobbleheads' faces on social media, many fans asked us if we could help them make dolls themselves, and our reply was very difficult. If you want to make a doll with a high degree of similarity, and let people say "Oh, this is me" when they see the product, you first need to have a solid foundation in painting or sculpture, so that you can understand the distribution of facial features on the face. Secondly, you need enough practice to accurately capture every individual facial feature. Our masters have experienced artists with more than ten years of sculpting experience, and they have produced satisfactory products for thousands of customers, which is why we can customize high-similarity figures. What's more, just by placing an order on our website, you can get a bobblehead with a similarity of more than 95% without paying extra fees, while some websites even charge extra for the most basic service.

95% Customer Satisfaction

Reading reviews and recommendations from other customers can provide insight into other customers' experiences with the company, and positive reviews can indicate good service and quality. Figure Bobblehead has received 450+ custom bobblehead reviews on the website, 95% of them are very satisfied with the products and services we provide, which does not include those who do not leave a comment on the website but send us an thanks email after receiving the goods. Whenever we receive compliments from customers, we share them with our entire team to motivate them to provide better service to our customers.


Good Communication and After-sales Service

Figure Bobblehead has great communication and responsive customer service, which can help your customization process go more smoothly. You can contact us by email, online customer service, and telephone, and we will reply to you within 24 hours of receiving your message. If you have not ordered a doll before, you can send us your questions about the product, and we will provide you with professional answers. In order to let a customer obtain a satisfactory product, we have passed 100+ emails to confirm product details and modification opinions with the customer.

Extensive Customization Options

In addition to the models already on the website, we can also customize bobbleheads according to your requirements, including poses, clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. We have customized special products including cartoon characters, superheroes, company mascots, and so on according to the hand-drawn drawings provided by customers more than once.

Timely Delivery

When you order a bobblehead as a gift for a specific occasion, it is even more important to receive the goods on time. We offer the option of different engraving services and shipping services to ensure that you can receive the doll to your satisfaction before the delivery date. We will never pursue delivery speed at the expense of product quality, so if you have a definite delivery date, please make a note when placing an order or contact us in advance. At present, we support receiving the goods within 10 working days at the earliest.

Custom bobbleheads can be designed by a variety of people, from family members and friends to celebrities and even fictional characters, and this versatility has made them increasingly popular. Before you make a final decision, we hope you can take Figure Bobblehead as a comparison object, we always put quality and customer satisfaction in the first place.

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