Male Skier In Red Ski Suit Custom Figure Bobbleheads

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Product Description

These custom bobble heads are the most affordable and creative gift ideas. 

Check 500+ custom bobblehead reviews from our customers!

Before you place an order, please check the "Refund Policy" firstly!


Pure Handmade Craft

On the basis of raw materials, our craftsman with decades of experience can create various lifelike "bobblehead" with hands and simple tools according to the photos provided by customers. 

Handmade customization is undoubtedly the most thoughtful gift.

Custom your bobbleheads from photos now!



Different from other companies, we use non-toxic Polymer Clay not resin to make the bobblehead.Due to the high ductility and plasticity of Polymer Clay, the final bobblehead will be more vivid and easy to preserve.

Bobblehead Size

The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe,most of our bobbleheads are between 6-8inches.


Custom Bobblehead

The model online is only for reference, we will replace the doll head with yours.

Our craftsman will sculpt your hair and facial expressions according to the front photo you provided. This should be a high quality front photo (selfies not preferred).

Note: Long hair will have a affect on head shaking.

Figure Bobblehead Finished Product Show

Perfect Gift

Memory is the freeze of time.

This custom bobblehead is the perfect gift for friends, co-workers or family members! 

Let's record the good times in our life together with custom bobblehead!



A. The bobble head models online are only for reference, we can change the bobleheads'color for free. If you want to change, plese make a note when you place a order or email to us via (When you send email, please note your order number.)

B. The normal turnaround time is at least 30 business days, it will take you about 30 business days to get it from the date you place the order.

If you choose VIP sculpture service and FEDEX shipping, the turnaround time is at least 10-15 business days.

More modificaitons will take more time to get it.

C. Our bobbleheads can be shipped to any country in the world.

D. If you can not find any model online that close to your idea, you can choose "fully custom bobblehead" and design the bobblehead completely by yourself.

E. The producing for Smiling Face and Non-smiling Face is totally different, so please be cautious when you choose the picture for the bobblehead doll.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Talented Artists

This company did a very good job as far as the likeness of the person as well as their sending of pictures with updates on the progress of the bobblehead. I gave a rating of 4 stars. There were 2 reasons I didn't give it 5 stars. 1) The color of the hair on the back of the figure's head was wrong. 2) the caption I asked to be placed at the bottom, while it was correct, it was sloppy. It's printed on a piece of tape & the 1st & last letter of the caption were each wrapped on either side of the pedestal, making the caption unclear from the front beause it appears the 1st & last letter are missing. I didn't send it back to the company to be fixed because the shipping took about 3 weeks to get to me - the item appears to ship from outside the USA - & I didn't have time to send it back, have changes made & for it take weeks to get it back. I would use this company again though, because now I understand more of how things work & what I might need to check for prior to it being sent to me. All in all, they did a good job.

Thanks so much for your love. Your support is our motivation to do better in the future. We will pay more attention to your kind advice.